Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silver Certification for Western!

Congratulations Western!
We did it!  Western earned silver certification as an Eco-School for 2013.

A big thanks to all the staff and students who made it possible:  To Kathleen, Madison and Georgina for a great music video and outstanding commitment to Eco-issues, to Gillian and Laura for their Eco-video and their continuing recycling work, and to the talented students in the building who threw together a great prezi--Oliver and Sean.

Thanks to all staff members-Ms Andrews, Mr. Ashwin, Ms. Evans, Ms. Khan, Ms. Kennedy. Mr. Langley, Ms. Matho, Mr. Pegg, Mr. Wong, and the Eco-PLT members for your continuing efforts.  More thanks go to Mr. Siroishka and Ms. McMurtry for the Eco-posters.

And finally to every student and staff member at Western who recycles, turns off a light, reuses paper, and all the thousands of green actions every day!  Thanks for making Western green!

From the Eco-Club